Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Early College Academy Success Continues for OPS

Last year, Owensboro Public Schools partnered with the Owensboro Community and Technical College to form a program called the Early College Academy.  OPS is pleased to announce that five Owensboro High School students have qualified to enter year two of the program and nine students will enter the program in Fall 2015.  The program allows high school students to graduate both with their high school diploma and their associate degree. 

“It’s opportunities like this one that allows OPS students to be ahead of the game in our ever-changing world.  We are so thankful to OCTC for this incredible partnership,” said Dr. Nick Brake, OPS Superintendent.

Students take both high school classes at OHS and college classes at OCTC.  The classes are free to students, paid for by the Owensboro Public School district. 

“It’s a new approach to learning.  I’ll be able to apply what I learn through ECA to my future goals,” said Carter Stovall, OHS Student

“I’ve worked hard and I’m determined to succeed.  I’m so happy to be one of the few people chosen to participate in this program,” said Aliyah Burden, OHS Student.

“I’ve decided to continue with the Early College Academy because it is very rewarding and will benefit me in the future,” said Gabrielle Epperson, OHS Student.

Congratulations to our Early College Academy students:

First Year Students
Aliyah Burden
Kathryn Feldpausch
Leah Fulkerson
Brooklyn Girten
James Howard
Edward Smith

Second Year Students
Gabby Epperson
Taylor Donovan
William Litsey
Emily Ruplinger
Charles Walker

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Owensboro High School will create Innovative new diploma as part of Kentucky Rising effort

The Owensboro High School Site Based Decision Making Council gave the green light to the development of a new diploma program that will be an innovative model developed through the statewide Kentucky Rising initiative.

Kentucky Rising is an effort launched by the Governor's Office involving several statewide groups such as the Department of Education, Council on Postsecondary Education, the Economic Development Cabinet, Workforce Development Cabinet, and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce to raise Kentucky's education to a world class standard in order to create a globally competitive workforce.

A major tenant of Kentucky Rising will be the creation of the Bluegrass Diploma, a credential intended to confer a higher standard of global competencies on those who receive it.   The seven Districts of Innovation, including the Owensboro Public Schools, are in the process of creating innovative diploma pilot models that will represent this world-class standard.

The pilot at OHS will include options for students as early as the end of the sophomore year that meet college-readiness benchmarks to participate in a highly individualized curriculum focusing on delivery options aligned to learning styles, experiential learning in the school and community, and earning an advanced certification such as an advance placement certificate,  career readiness or industry recognized certification, or a college associate degree.

A committee of faculty and community leaders are currently developing components of the diploma that will be implemented for the Class of 2020.  Elements of the diploma will be gradually implemented on a pilot basis beginning with members of the incoming seniors in the Class of 2016.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Owensboro Middle School launching Pre-AP program

Owensboro Middle School will launch a Pre-Advanced Placement program beginning the fall of 2015.  The College Board supported curriculum designed to be a rigorous preparation for high school honors-level courses and any of the 21 advanced placement courses offered at Owensboro High School.

Courses in English-Language Arts and Mathematics will be open to seventh and eighth grade students.  Students do not have to qualify for the courses through a test, though they should be hard working and highly motivated students and will be expected to participate in and successfully demonstrate completion of above grade level readings, projects, and activities.

According to the College Board, Pre-AP is based on an expectation that all students can perform well at rigorous academic levels.  This expectation should be reflected in curriculum and instruction throughout the school such that all students are consistently being challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level.

OMS Principal George Powell said the Pre-AP program and creating an honors curriculum in seventh and eighth grade will raise the overall rigor of curriculum at OMS and help better prepare not only honors students but all students for the next level at OHS.

Estes Elementary Preschool Pilot Program seeking Waiver from Kentucky Board of Education

The Kentucky Board of Education will consider a waiver for Estes Elementary School to offer a preschool pilot program through the Owensboro Public School District of Innovation program.

The pilot project at Estes will use a full day early learning model for four and five-year-olds that has been proven through research to be successful in the Canadian province of Ontario. Unlike most programs in Kentucky and the U.S., the Ontario model combines four and five-year-olds rather than combining three and four-year-olds.

This pilot will use the Ontario four and five-year-old full day kindergarten concept consisting of an instructional day program and an integrated extended day program, with encouragement to provide year-round programming. Two certified kindergarten teachers and a registered early childhood educator would support two classes of students delivering a core day program. An early childhood educator is responsible for the extended-day component.

Estes principal Shari Flagg said the mission of this model would be to prepare children for a lifetime of learning, both academic and social by providing an intense, research-based early learning experience. Children would have one, two or maybe even three years to develop the necessary social and academic skills to be successful in school and to become life-long learners. The model will also enable positive relationships with parents to be established at the earliest point in a child’s life. The program will begin in the fall 2015.