Friday, August 7, 2015

OPS enrollment nearing the 5,000 mark

The Owensboro Public Schools had a great start this week with enrollment edging up toward the 5,000 mark.  The district has not reached the 5,000 student threshold for nearly three decades.

Enrollment on day one was 4,568 students compared to 4,464 in 2014.  Day two enrollment increased to 4,652, about 200 more than enrolled on day 2 of last year.  By day three enrollment in OPS schools reached 4,689, compared to 4,566 in 2014 and over 200 more than day three in 2013.

Enrollment is expected to continue to grow through the middle of August when the Daviess County Schools begin classes.  Overall enrollment should top 5,000 by August 24 when Hager Preschool student begin classes.