Monday, April 11, 2016

Owensboro Board of Education Honored for Commitment to the Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts today announced the Owensboro Board of Education in Owensboro, Kentucky, received the 28th annual Kennedy Center and National School Boards Association (NSBA) Award.  The award, which includes a $10,000 prize, was presented today by Mario R. Rossero, Senior Vice President of Education at the Kennedy Center, at the National School Boards Association’s Annual Conference in Boston.  Since 1989, this prestigious national award has recognized individual school boards for their outstanding support of arts education.  The Owensboro district was chosen from nominees around the country for its support of high-quality arts education.


Current Board Chair Cate Lauzon said:  “It was a great honor to receive The Kennedy Center and National School Boards Association 2016 Award for Excellence on behalf of all the current and former Owensboro School Board members who helped develop, protect and deepen the Owensboro Public School's arts program.  Many have made this award possible, and I am grateful to have been a small part of such a rich tradition.  Arts for Every Child, In Every School!!”


Superintendent Nick Brake said:  “The Kennedy Center award is the culmination of the long standing commitment of our current board of education and many previous boards of education to providing high quality arts programs to all students in our district.  It also represents the hard work and dedication of the finest educators anywhere, both in and out of arts classrooms, who understand the value of teaching the whole child through an arts curriculum.  This recognition puts us among the most elite districts in the country when it comes to the arts."


Board member Nancy Eskridge said: "This is an outstanding award recognizing the arts pathway programs we have created.  We should also remember and recognize some of the great leadership over the years that have supported the arts, such as former superintendents Carolyn McGaughey and Larry Vick as well as long time arts educator Julie White.  To all of the teachers and board members past and present who brought this to fruition, I say job well done.  The arts make us better human beings!."

OPS Fine Arts Coordinator Tom Stites said the continued support for "every arts for every child in every school is only possible because of our exemplary school board."  The Kennedy Center clearly recognized this strong and consistent level of commitment with this award.