Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Owensboro Public Schools Announce Request for Proposals for Future Use of Former Boardwalk Property

The Owensboro Public School District is soliciting proposals from qualified partners representing educational institutions, community non-profit organizations, community development agencies, or residential development groups for programming concepts and conceptual design for the redevelopment of the former Boardwalk/Texas Gas property currently owned by the school district.

In 2012, the Owensboro Board of Education entered into an agreement with Riverfront JAM, LLC to purchase the Boardwalk/Texas Gas property at 3800 Frederica Street.  The rationale of the board that made the decision to purchase the 45-acre property was that is was an opportunity to acquire the largest site available in the land-locked city school district for future school use.  The purchase was also instrumental in helping keep over 200 Boardwalk jobs in Owensboro that relocated to a new downtown office building.  The purchase became final on Sept. 16, 2013. 

The district originally proposed using the existing 163,000 square-foot building for a middle school.  The Kentucky Department of Education rejected those plans under complex state guidelines for schools.  In 2013 under new superintendent Dr. Nick Brake, the district proposed a regional partnership to utilize the building for a career and technical education center.  Key area partners necessary to make the plan work declined to participate forcing OPS to abandon the use of the building for a tech center.

There will be a pre-submittal meeting of any interested parties wishing to submit a proposal on Dec. 9, 2016 at 9 a.m. at the Owensboro Board of Education, 450 Griffith Ave.  The final proposals should be submitted by 4 p.m. on Jan. 27, 2017.  The board anticipates accepting the final proposal by Feb. 15. 

The full request for proposal is available at https://owensboro.kyschools.us/.  The link is located at the bottom of the web page.

Monday, November 21, 2016

November School Board Meeting Highlights

The OPS School Board had a regular meeting on November 17, 2016.  Here are some highlights from the meeting:

Instruction Report

Dr. Matthew Constant started his presentation on English Learners in our district by introducing the wonderful ELL staff who were present for the meeting.  He defined English learners and its various acronyms – EL: English Learners, ELL – English Language Learners, LEP – Limited English Proficiency.  Some English learners are immigrants and some are refugees.  The EL population has grown tremendously in the last 5 years – from 78 students in 2012 to 210 students in 2016, and the number of EL students is expected to continue to grow.  In our district, we have primarily Burmese, Somali, and Hispanic students who benefit from our EL resources. Dr. James Litzey, Site Director for the Owensboro International Center, chimed in from the audience to give a brief overview of what they do and how they partner with the Owensboro Public Schools.  Dr. Litzey said that OPS has been a great partner and are always doing more than expected to meet the needs of these students.  He acknowledged the difficulty of providing the services necessary for the refugee population, but commended OPS for pooling the resources needed to give them the best education possible.  Dr. Constant said the EL budget is a total of $213,139.00 – $152,075.80 from General Fund, $25,000.00 from RSIG (Refugee School Impact Grant), and $36,063.20 from Title III.  He followed up with a video production that Mr. Dave Kirk, OPS Public Information Officer, put together in concert with Ms. Kathryn Dueker, who is the ELL Student Services Coordinator for OPS.  Be on the lookout for this wonderful video to be published on the OPS You Tube channel soon!

Welcome to OPS!
Ashley Welsh, Teacher, OMS – South                          
Megan Coomes, Instructional Assistant, Cravens Elementary        
Markie DeWitt, Instructional Assistant, OMS – South                
Jason Dillow, Intervention Assistant, Foust Elementary                
Larry Douglas, Instructional Assistant, Foust Elementary          
Kathryn Dueker, ELL Student Services Coordinator, District Wide      
William Greer, Custodian, OMS – North                          
Tammy Griffith, Custodian, OHS                                      
Jessica Hopper, Instructional Assistant, Hager Preschool              
McKenzie Noffsinger, Instructional Assistant, Hager Preschool              
Jill Stone, Cook/Baker, OMS – South                                      

Congratulations on your new position!
Helen Cline, now Cook/Baker, Estes Elementary    
Chris Covington, now FRC/YSC, OMS - North                
Eva Davis, now Bus Driver, Transportation            

OPS appreciates and welcomes our substitutes!
Michael Little, Substitute Teacher                                                    
Gena Richardson, Substitute Teacher                                                    
Mandy Ayers, Substitute Childcare                                                  
Jennifer Del Rio, Substitute Cook/Baker                                          
Patricia Frey, Substitute Instructional Assistant                              
Gena Richardson, Substitute Instructional Assistant 

Monday, November 7, 2016

October School Board Meeting Highlights

The OPS School Board had a regular meeting on October 27. Here are some highlights from the meeting:

Welcome to OPS!
Katie Blandford, Teacher, OMS-South
Elizabeth Caudill, Teacher, Foust Elementary
Lindsey DeArmond, Instructional Asst., Cravens Elementary         
Tina Hamilton, Cook/Baker, OHS
Stephanie Higdon, Cook/Baker, OHS            
Jonett Howard, Custodian, OHS
Tami Shain, Cook/Baker, OMS – North
Paul Christopher Payne III, Digital Media Artist, OHS
Congratulations on your new position!
Jeff Johnson, now Curriculum Facilitator, Cravens     
Erin Bleemeli, now Cook/Baker, Newton Parrish                       
Catherine Keller, now Cook/Baker, OMS – North                      
Christy Schneider, now Instructional Asst., Estes                               
David Stubbs, now Custodian, Foust

Board Recognitions!
42 seventh grade students at Owensboro Middle School qualified to participate in the 36th Annual Duke University Talent Identification Program.  The students qualified by scoring 95% or higher on one or more specific achievement or aptitude tests in the areas of reading, language, or math. 

Those recognized:
Macy Altstadt, Adrien Askin, Dar Bang, Ava Bouie, Piper Bradfield, Ella Bratcher, DeLaney Brown, John Brown, Ace Collier, Madelyn Cook, Haley Cox, David Del Rio,
Jasmine Ferry, Victoria Garrard, Lauren Garrity, Josephine Gesser, Joshua Head, Matthew Horn, Sabrina Howard, Alexander Jones, Kara Bane Luckett, Madison Martin, Dylan Mather, Noah Miller, Kelton Moorman, Bryton Napier, Teudis Perez, Conner Rhoads, Tyrell Shack, Grace Shields, Marley Simon, Elliot Tines, Matthew Tolson, Abby Warren, Akeela Whitworth, John Wilkins, Sierra Willyard, Gavin Wimsatt, Dylan Blair, Lauren Payne, Judson Coombs, Talyne Payne

Congratulations to our retirees!
We take this opportunity to recognize the many years of dedicated service of our employees who have retired since June 30, 2016 or are retiring this year. 
Karen Schartung – Newton Parrish – 15 years
Jeff Johnson – OMS-N – 19 years
Diane Schindler – OMS-N – 29 years
Martha Bickett – OMS-N – 20 years
Mary Lacks – OMS-S – 22 years
Lisa Tompkins – Foust – 32 years
Carolyn Filzer - Foust – 28 years
Bobbyetta Heady – Hager – 12 years
Melodie Leonard – Hager – 25 years
Sherry Baber – Hager – 19 years

Congratulations to our OPS Business Department for a great audit!
Mr. Jack Sommerville with Myriad CPA Group, presented his findings from the 2016 Audit.  Relative to our government wide financial statements, he reported as of June 30, 2016, we had a total of $75,126,347 in Assets; $49,129.021 in Liabilities; $25,884.972 Net Position.  He said we were in good financial shape.  Relative to the compliance with Kentucky Department of Education Requirements, there were no issues.  As far as the Management letter to continuously improve the accounting practices, they made a couple small recommendations, and Mr. Sommerville said the OPS finance department has already taken corrective action.  There were no significant audit adjustments, no disagreements with management during the audit, they did not have to consult with any other accountants, and they had no difficulty performing the audit.  He said this was a good audit and went very smoothly. 

Dr. Nick Brake thanked Mr. Sommerville for the report and he thanked Mrs. Paula Roberts for all her hard work during the audit and congratulated her on a successful year managing the finances for the district.  Mrs. Roberts acknowledged her team in the business department who helped pull this audit together and for their good work throughout the year.